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Not the Best Family Reunion ((Alexandria Dracation))

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Not the Best Family Reunion ((Alexandria Dracation)) Empty Not the Best Family Reunion ((Alexandria Dracation))

Post by Ana Collins Mon Dec 10, 2012 6:11 pm

Ana Collins had wandered into the Capitol by accident. It was an honest mistake. Anyone could've wandered in there. Without hesitating, she opened the door and went through another bunch. She didn't know what she was looking for - and probably would get in trouble if caught - but she didn't care. She loved adventuring around the Capitol. Funny how people don't look at me like I'm crazy...I hope I don't run into those official people, they will know I don't belong here... Ana frowned, running her hands along the wall. She walked slowly. She didn't know where she was. She flattened herself against the wall when she heard a Capitol member's footsteps. It was an Avox. The Avox gave Ana a stern look as if it was safer for her to leave. As if Ana would ever leave. The Avox hurried away and Ana kept moving. Sometimes she had to hide, or duck out of people's sight. “Wow, the Capitol is big,” the lady said to herself, walking around aimlessly. People should've seen her by now. Why they didn't, she didn't know. Amazing, high-tech gear, Ana thought, looking at some Capitol members activate some sort of fancy gadget. Ana hurried along.

Wait! Ana tilted her head against a door. There was a woman's voice - someone she recognized - speaking into something, talking with someone else. Her eyes widened. It was only one person, someone she wanted to complain to about the Games. And she could complain now and risk her life. But she'd rather risk her life. Why? Because there was no point anymore, it wasn't peaceful with the Games. Her father would be much happier alone anyways. As for her mother, she didn't even care. Her mother was gone, somewhere she didn't know, and had ditched them. She didn't like her mother in that way. Her father always said her mother didn't live in their district, then where did she live? District one? Two? Three? Twelve? The questions always flooded into her head. She pushed open the door. She growled at the sight of the President. “My name is Ana Collins from District Eight. I'm here behalf of myself, and I have a complaint,” Without even hesitating, Ana pulled up a chair and sat in front of the President's desk. Her eyes locked with the President, “The Games are ridiculous, stop them now.”
Ana Collins
Ana Collins
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